I'm looking for an external keyboard to use with my laptop.... Either wireless or one with a USB connection. If you have one with a mouse, that would be great....
We are looking for a cd player with speakers for our homeschool classroom to play audiobooks, Spanish cds, etc. critical to our curriculum. Our previous player broke.
In need of one (or some)pricing guns. The type that you load labels and price items. I volunteer at a non-profit resale shop and we could really use one or two. Any help is appreciated greatly.
I am in need of some t-posts for fencing. If anyone has any that are in usable condition I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you in advance!
I am a first-year teacher looking for any and all supplies to help make my new room a welcoming and engaging environment for my students. I will be teaching 3rd grade math and science. My top priorities are flexible seating options like yoga balls, stools, and balance cushions; bulletin board decor like letters and borders; storage boxes; math and science posters; math manipulatives like bingo ...
The Weatherford Comancheros Riding Club needs a large speaker for Playdays at the Arena!! Please call 817-228-2015, or e-mail pfarns@peoplepc.com. Thank you!!
We need a cargo Trailer for our new business!! Please call 817-228-2015, or e-mail pfarns@peoplepc.com
Rear end went out, need parts!! Please e-mail pfarns@peoplepc.com, or call 817-228-2015
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